Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It's 6:01 p.m., Sunday. The silence in my house allowed me to hear the eerie ticking of the clock. I found myself solemnly sitting in my dining area with my pug sleeping (and snoring) on the floor and I'm surrounded by three types of electronics that have all failed to entertain me. I've decided to use my time wisely by not allowing my mind to go idle. The beach would have been awesome to visit but my heart is telling me otherwise. I need something to look forward to; something good, something positive, something that would make me unbelievably happy right now. Thank God I remembered! It's still feels surreal but thank God that in a month from now, I will be in the streets of Paris.

Thank God blogspot recorded the day I wrote the draft above. The last post I published on this blog was about my undeniable want and need to step foot in Paris. I was blessed enough to be invited by a coworker who happens to be getting married in Spain. It turns out, he has a friend who lives in Paris and happens to be visiting California. We met and all the stars aligned!

I got more than what I bargained for! I bought myself a round trip ticket and not only did I get to visit Paris but London and Madrid as well and attended my friend's wedding. I cannot stress enough how waiting for the right time always works out. Everything I wanted for myself I received! Inevitably, there were a few hiccups but who am I to complain? I roamed Paris by myself =)

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