Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lake Tahoe and Route 395

Took a road trip two weekends ago to attend a friend's wedding. It took us over 11 hours to reach our destination, leaving at about 1 a.m. Friday (Saturday morning, rather). It was a long, sleepless night (for me, at least) but the drive was grand nonetheless. Watched the sunrise crawl down the vast mountain as I drove along the 395 route to Lake Tahoe. Going at about 70 mph and using a camera phone, the stills I've captured is about as good as it gets. It didn't give the beauty much justice. The view was magnificent and the mountains are just grandiose! With only very few vehicles on the road, absorbing this scenic route wasn't a task. It made the drive very much worth it... although I would fly next time. Eleven hours is a wee bit too much for a one way drive!

If you find driving, possibly numbing your "behind," for 8-10 hours as pleasant, I highly suggest taking this route so you can consume the vast mountain range created by years of continental plate movements! The greener pastures, mountains of pines and beautiful homes will welcome you as get closer to Lake Tahoe.

Saturday Afternoon ~ In Lake Tahoe, sitting as a passenger. It was such a beautiful day! I've always loved the contrast of nature's bright blue skies and vibrant green grass.

The sole purpose of our trip to Lake Tahoe

Sunday ~ In front of the bride's house. 

Mandatory picture at the lake

All smiles for the perfect weather at the Lake

This was the view driving home. It almost seems like the road was leading to an enchanting land and I was anticipating to see little elves in medieval knight costumes opening the gates as we approach the massive cobblestone castle.

But instead, we saw something more realistic and beautiful.