Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Untalented Conquers Blogging

I'm a bit out of my comfort zone since I really do not have a knack for writing. It is not at all my forte! I cringe to the thought of essays, thesis paper and research papers. I have a blogspot solely because I'm trying to live vicariously though the life of an exceptional writer--like my sister, my dad, my aunt or my cousin. I am definitely surrounded by a set of wordsmiths and not a drop of talent flowed through my vein.

While I've posted several blogs already, I kept my website private. I've written essays in the past but only my professors had set eyes on it. I wasn't keen about essay writing and showing others what I've written is somewhat frightening. I can confidently say I've only written B grade papers. Lol. Confidently. My sister's natural ability to compose such beautiful pieces have inspired me to write. I still, however, find my compositions to be not up to par so I get mental block amid of it all. Haha. Mental block? Oh wait, it's writer's block.

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