Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jungle Ropes, San Diego

I initially planned to get my hands on a couple of Disneyland tickets, however, the birthday celebrant preferred doing something a bit more audacious. It was a close fight between acting like kids at Disneyland or climbing the Jungle Ropes in Safari Park San Diego. The latter won the battle. Lol.

We had a GoPro camera attached to our body to record our adventure. The pictures below are several of the screenshots I've collected from the video. You will notice that some are somewhat fisheye shots. ;-)

By the way, the pictures are not in order except for the first two!

Getting ready with the harnest

One of the long elements they have

They are looking up because the sign said so :P

We were hiiiiiiigh!!

There's no way this can be done without a harnest! LOL

Always safety first!

See that small person on the bottom right?

I find this element cool..


And that's a wrap!

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